WELCOME TO PLAYERS VACATION CLUB/ECLUBUSA, the world’s leader in Vacation Financing and Travel Credit where you’ll find two great membership offerings as well as many other fantastic cash-saving deals just for our members.  – As a member, you can get all that and the best part its easy to join. Serving our Members since 1996.

Here are the two memberships that
we currently offer:

Right now new members can benefit from two amazing programs designed to get you back traveling, stress-free.

  1. Our Staycation membership, in association with our sister website HotelsVillasDirect.com, provides our members with super low rates on the best boutique and luxury hotels throughout the United States. Additionally, our members can finance a large portion of the cost (up to 70%)  of the hotel stay without paying enormous interest rates that you would find on when paying with a credit card.
  2. Next, we offer a  super easyway to make sure that your next vacation is a stress-free one by allowing you to plan well ahead of the travel date and make sure that it is fully paid off before you go. Our Play-Away Layaway membership gives you the freedom to choose from almost any destination or vacation type there is, control your payment destiny by choosing your own payment plan, and paying it down so that by the time you are ready to go you have zero financial burdens to worry about.
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This is how much each membership
costs to join:

The Staycation membership is $199 per year, paid annually. Joining this membership also gives you free access to use the Play-Away Layaway membership if you choose to, so you are really getting two memberships for one affordable price.

Our Play-Away membership is only $9.95 a month! This is more affordable than any of those online streaming subscriptions that are so popular.

Here are some of the other benefits
of being a member:

Discount Travel, Electronic Certificates & more –  As a bonus, our members can select from almost 20 different vouchers that offer a wide range of deals. From cruises to HD Tablets, all our members pay is the taxes and a fully refundable deposit.


$50 Cash Rebate/ Credit & Leasing Offers –  Any member that completes a finance or leasing term through the third-party offers on our web site will receive a $50 cash rebate from us. These companies offer great finance and leasing terms for electronic products such as televisions, computers, video games & more.

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